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We have many people visiting us with lower back pain. The most common question we get is, “why does my back keep hurting?” This can be a very complicated issue especially if you can’t be diagnosed with any obvious issues with an X-ray or MRI.

To figure out these insidious pains you have to approach it as a puzzle and a journey. We have to figure out why the pain is occurring. Chronic pain usually occurs from three reasons: you are compensating, you have an imbalance, or your lower back is being overloaded (or a combination of these things).

Once you have determined the cause of the pain, then need to correct it. The most common solution to correct a compensation, imbalance, or an overload is through proprioceptive training. Proprioception is the ability to know where your body is in space. Often proprioception is subconscious. When you have become injured, or you have had pain for a long time your proprioception can become altered or greatly inhibited. This means your movement patterns will become faulty and you will become more likely to be injured.

The wonderful thing about our brains is that proprioception can be trained. This means we can correct injuries caused by imbalances, compensations and overload. We do this by creating an unstable environment, introduce an outside force, and incorporate movement. Through proprioceptive training you can resolve many issues.

Come by and ask for more if you are curious!


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