Instability Testing

Our evaluation gives you the tools and information to help you get over plateaus, figure out chronic issues you have been dealing with, and help you create a program tailored to your unique anatomy.

The goal of our training is to help you learn how to never become stagnant in your growth, prevent injuries, and help you reach your peak performance.

We achieve these goals by creating a program that is based on your goals, your unique anatomy, to your current training level, and what will create longevity in your activity. You will be able to perform at your highest level now and for the rest of your life.

Our testing is crucial in understanding more about your body and what is the next best step in your fitness journey. Call us today to book your testing or book a time below.

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    What does Instability Testing look like?

    Our Instability Testing informs an athlete on where they might be lacking in their sport, what’s causing pain, and how to get the most out of their training. This is done by testing joint range of motion, muscle strength, imbalances, balance, and taking anthropometric data. When you come in our coach will measure all of these things to create a unique and individualistic plan for you.

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    What you get from the evaluation:

    • List of imbalances throughout your body.
    • List of instabilities throughout your body.
    • Which type of squat form is best for your body.
    • Which type of bench form is best for your body.
    • What joints need better range of motion.
    • Sport-specific biomechanics.