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Sports Recovery

7 ways to recover

By June 29, 2023No Comments
My mind has been thinking about how we really don’t heal the body in the medical world. All we can do it set up the body to be in the best position to heal, give it the right nutrient to heal, or stimulate it to change. There are seven main ways we can do this in the recovery world.
1. Blood flow
More blood to an area means more oxygen and nutrients to help and grow. You can get more blood flow through compression, movement, petrissage, massage gun, Estim (pulsed), contrast therapy, and heat.
2. Alignment
Keeping the skeleton aligned helps the nervous system and joint mobility. You can get aligned through muscle energy adjustments, joint mobilizations, and chiropractic adjustments.
3. Neurological
Sometimes the brain needs some help connecting to an injury or muscle. You can help with through muscle scraping, NMES, acupuncture, and myofascial releases.
4. Lymphatic system
The lymph system is how the body gets rid of a lot of garbage in our body. We can help be more efficient through movement, lymphatic massage, and compression therapy.
5. Get rid of adhesions or spasticity
In trauma, injury, and lots of training our body will develop scars or bound up tissue like muscle knots. We can help the body get rid of these through massage techniques, muscle scraping, myofascial, dry needling, stretching and acupuncture.
6. Fascia tightness
Fascia holds all of our body together and it can be traumatized. We can help it through myofascial release and acupuncture.
7. Cell metabolism
Our cells produce energy called ATP. We can stimulate the cell to produce more through things like PEMF, photobiomodulation, certain supplements, heat, and BLOOD FLOW.
Try implementing one of things more regularly every week and see how your body responds!

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