InBody Scan

 The InBody gives you a snapshot on your body composition, body water, phase angle (cell health), and weight distribution. This information helps you make precise decisions on what to change in your bodywork, nutrition, and training.

InBody scans take less than 10 minutes and helps you track your progress over time and see how your training and recovery is impacting your body. It is a crucial tool if you are trying to improve performance, trying to make weight goals, or if you are trying to achieve a new personal record. 

InBody at Athlecare

At Athlecare we use the InBody to help optimize your recovery in your bodywork, nutrition, and training. Our goal is to help your body be at its peak performance to allow for the greatest growth and adaptation.

At Athlecare bodywork members get a free InBody Scan every month. Those in training and nutrition can use it as needed or as directed by the Athlecare Trainer. For all nonmembers it is $20 per use.

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