PRP Injections

PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) injections are one of the most successful types of injections that not only provide relief, but also long-term healing. PRP is optimal for tendinitis, chronic pains, osteoarthritis, disc inflammation, muscle injuries, sprains, and joint pain. We recommend also doing an Ozone injection with your PRP which we offer at no extra cost. Following your injections an Athlecare Trainer will give you PRP exercises to enhance your injection’s effectiveness.

1- Are PRP injections safe?

PRP injections are very safe. The only concern is the risk of possible injections. Prior to injection we always sanitize the area to prevent infection.

2- Is PRP successful?

In most studies PRP is able to reduce pain by a minimum of 25% in about 84% of cases. Not only does is help reduce pain, but it also increases healing. When used in conjunction with other therapies and exercises the success rate and effects are improved.

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