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Choose one of the following to come try Athlecare for free. We do this to let you come see if Athlecare is the right fit for your athletic needs.

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    Free Massage and Stretch

    Bodywork or active recovery is essential to every athlete to optimize performance and prevent injury. Athlecare utilizes many techniques and skills to help athletes stay loose, promote blood flow, and get back to training. This experience allows to come see our venue and experience what we can do for you.

    Free Acupuncture

    Most athletes have not tried acupuncture for their recovery. We love to teach and show how acupuncture can be crucial part of every athlete’s recovery. Come try out a 20 minute session with one of our acupuncturists for free!

    Free Injury Evaluations

    One of the most frustrating things is waiting week to be seen for an injury only to pay a good amount of money just to find out what to do. Add salt to the wound when you have to pay even more to be treated. Athlecare will always provide a free consultation to you to have a conversation about your injury.

    Disclaimer: If your injury is serious please call 911 or visit the closest ER or Urgent Care. We cannot help with acute serious injuries.

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