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The number one injury for basketball players are ankle injuries. Even if you are not a Basketball player, if you struggle with ankle issues, or know someone who is struggling, this email is for you.

You can prevent ankle injuries by improving balance, strengthening the ankle, and stabilizing the core.

Improving your balance is a combination of several things. The top three ways to get started is to check your body’s alignment, unstable training, and agility training.

When your body is out of alignment you can generate imbalances in movement and strength which can cause your overall balance to be poor. Through chiropractic and muscle energy adjustments you can keep body aligned to optimize performance and movement patterns.

Unstable training is doing different motions while in an unstable environment. This can include to squats on a bosu ball. Tommy is an excellent resource to learn more about this and agility training.

Strengthening the ankle has three components. You first need proper mobility, then you need make the lower leg stronger, and lastly you need to get the ankle to work better with the hip. Improving your ankles mobility is a combination of stretching, joint mobilizations and isometric eccentric training. From there you will need Tommy’s help to get your ankle to function better and get your hips to coordinate with your lower leg.

Core stabilization is not crunches. Crunches makes your abs stronger, but does not stabilize the core. The core is the center of you body that keeps you balanced and in control. Your core is a combination of your abs, pelvic floor, hip flexors, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. When stabilizing your core you must train these parts to work together and strengthen.

Hopefully this is a good start to getting your ankles to be strong and safe. Thank you for joining me on this journey to promote health maintenance and change the way health is maintained. It has been a dream for years to create a space like this where I could help so many people and get them the help they deserve. I couldn’t be more grateful and honored to work with each of you.

Hope you are staying warm and safe in the snow!


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