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Causes of foot pain

By August 22, 2023No Comments
Feet are the foundation of our body. We balance from our foot, absorb shock, and disperse forces through our feet.
When our feet aren’t functioning properly we will start to feel pain in our feet, lower leg, or even in our hips.
Here are a few causes of foot pain.
1. Poor core stability
If your core is weak it will cause compensations to occur down leg and often it is the foot that gets overworked. 
2. Intrinsic foot weakness
We have muscles all over the bottom of our feet. When those get weak or over-fatigued our arch will start to drop. When this happens our foot has to compensate in order to still get propulsion to move us forward. This will cause pain on the balls of our feet and then eventually on the outside.
3. Tight calves
If you have poor ankle motion and tight calves you will put a lot of pressure on your achilles tendon. When this happens the tendon will create scar tissue and begin to become inflamed. This can cause pain in the tendon or in the back of your foot.
4. Changing how your foot functions
Your body is constantly adapting to the environment around you. When you change your shoe, how often you are barefoot, what type of surface your are on, or how much you are walking you will force your foot to have to adapt quickly. If you change too much too quickly your foot may not be able to adapt quickly enough and will fail resulting in various injuries.
Simple solutions to these causes:
  • Strengthen your foot muscles
  • Slowly break in new shoes
  • Slowly practice being barefoot more often
  • Improve core stability
  • Release calf and foot muscles more often
  • Improve ankle mobility

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