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Sports Recovery

Experience how recovery will enhance your training

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Sports Recovery

Sports recovery is a term used to refer to modalities that improve healing, promote muscle growth, and reduce risk of injury. Athlecare provides an assortment of options for all of your athletic needs. You can gain access to our athletic professionals (sports chiropractor, sports massage, Athletic Trainer) by signing up for a plan or by booking a private appointment. Below are the options we suggest starting first.

Performance Plan

If you really want to begin enhancing your performance through sports recovery, then the Performance Plan is your best option. With the Performance Plan you will gain unlimited access to all our professionals and services with no appointment necessary. Come experience how life can feel with sports recovery!

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Specialty Services

Some techniques take more time and attention. Our specialty services will enhance your sports recovery experience. Our services include chiropractor adjustments, mobility sports massage, acupuncture, nutrition coaching, Auki recovery training, and injections for pain.

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30-minute Sports Massage

A Mobility Sports Massage gives you more movement in your joints, relieves tight muscles, and reduces soreness. The goal is to help you feel better and have better mobility. You can expect deep tissue techniques, stretching and joint mobilizations while getting a Mobility Sports Massage.

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