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Sports Recovery

Experience how recovery will enhance your training

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Sports Recovery

Sports recovery is a term used to refer to the bodywork, nutrition, or training that improves healing, promotes muscle growth, and reduces risk of injury. Athlecare provides an assortment of options for all of your athletic needs. You can gain access to our athletic professionals through our memberships or private appointments.

Sports Recovery – Bodywork

Our bodywork includes stretching, compression, contrast, adjustments and more! Our modalities and skill are used to help you with any tightness, soreness, pain, or injury. If sports recovery is done on a consistent basis bodywork it will reduce risk of injury and help with performance by speeding up recovery.

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Sports Recovery – Nutrition

Our sports nutrition is customized to your sport, goals, and body. We utilize tools like InBody to determine a plan that is targeted to your specific needs. With our focus on sports recovery you will grow and heal faster than ever before.

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Sports Recovery – Training

Our sports training is based on sports recovery. It is all about optimizing your mind to body connection while strengthening and improving your performance goals. You will not only see significant improvements, you will also feel incredible and get less injured.

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