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How can massage help you?

By August 28, 2021September 25th, 2021One Comment

               Massage has been around for over 5000 years. It is an incredible tool for pain relief, promoting healing, and reducing anxiety. Several forms of massage have been developed over the years and each of them have different purposes. At Athlecare we use theses different forms to give you the best treatment for your needs. We know it can be confusing or frustrating when trying to decide what kind of massage you want. Below we have given you a brief description of the massage forms we utilize and when is the best time to get a massage.


Swedish Massage

The main use for Swedish massage is to reduce soreness. Within sports, massage is used after workouts or competitions to help with recovery and pain. We also recommend doing Swedish massage after a workout or competition.

Swedish massage has also been shown to greatly reduce anxiety. If you are struggling with pre-competition nervousness a relaxing Swedish massage can help calm nerves and enhance performance.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is used to break up tissue and loosen muscles. If you are experiencing tightness this massage is perfect for you. This massage is most useful on weeks when you don’t have a competition or on a day when you don’t have training since it will leave you feeling a bit sore.

Mobility Massage/Sports Massage

Mobility Massage is used to relax muscles and increase the mobility in joints. It is a combination of stretching while massaging. This massage can be used at any time, but it does help you feel incredible for a competition or training if done beforehand.

Craniosacral Massage

Craniosacral massage looks like a head massage. It is a unique technique that gives relief to the fascia in both your head and central nervous system. We most commonly use it for neck pain, migraines, and headaches, but it is often used to treat some autoimmune and nervous system issues. Craniosacral massage is also at times used for concussion treatment. Many people have found relief from concussion symptoms via craniosacral massages. If you have any neck pain, headaches, or a concussion then we would recommend this massage.

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger points in the muscle are defined as spots in the muscle where the fibers are most tightly bound making it feel tight and painful. Trigger point massage is about working the muscle at these trigger points. Most often the massage is done by putting pressure at the trigger point for prolonged period of time or until the trigger point releases. This can be used anytime a muscle is tight or cramping.


Other types of massage that are also beneficial but not often used at Athlecare:

  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Thai Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage


Stop into Athlecare today to experience any of these massage techniques and leave feeling ready for your next workout session or competition!





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