Athlecare Stretching

If you are not within optimal range of motion, you are at a great risk of injury and your mobility is greatly impacted. The stretching at Athlecare is a combination of PNF stretching, static stretching, and nerve flossing. Getting stretched often can help reduce your pain, improve mobility, quicken recovery and help your body feel amazing.

Get unlimited assisted stretching with the Performance Plan

Stretching FAQS

What if I only want to do stretching?

Under the Performance Plan you can get unlimited stretching, but if you are only looking for stretching you can book a private stretching session, or get a package of stretching sessions for a better deal.

Appointments can be booked below, or you can call us at (801) 878-9140


What should I wear?

Wear loose and/or stretchy clothing that you can comfortably stretch in. Make sure both your shirt and pants can both be stretched in. We often to upper body stretching as well as lower body stretching.

What are the benefits of stretching?

If you are not within the optimal range of motion for a joint, then stretching can reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance. 

Other benefits of stretching:

  • Improve posture
  • Help manage stress
  • Decrease tension headaches
  • Prevent back pain