Sports-related, active-person injuries are often repeated and preventable. Athlecare was developed and founded on the idea that injury prevention can and should be part of every athlete’s daily routine.

And if you have a body, you’re an athlete. Most aches, pains, and physical setbacks can be avoided and prevented through proper education and training.

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Our team of licensed professionals understands the importance of injury prevention and works with doctors and athletic trainers to ensure clients’ success and strength during injury recovery and normal everyday activity.

Preventive care is the best way to decrease injury, increase mobility, and live a healthier life. Taking preventative measures allows you to progress and perform in top-notch conditions. Ultimately, the biggest benefit of preventative care is reduced injury rate. Whether you are an active person, a coach, a parent with athletic children, or an Athletic Trainer treating patients, focusing on preventive practices will lead to improved health, more wins, and advancements physically.

Preventing an injury is less expensive than fixing an injury. Athlecare is an investment for your future. Deciding now to live a healthy, active life free of injury will greatly benefit you as you age and continue to live an active life.

Making the change to lead a healthier, stronger lifestyle is difficult to do alone. The only way to make lasting changes is through accountability. Not everyone is a runner, rock climber, weight lifter, dancer, etc, but you can become a runner, rock climber, weight lifter, dancer, etc. if you have a team supporting and encouraging you. While all of our programs are designed to give you total independence in recovery and prevention, our team is always available to consult and guide participants – especially those needing an extra push to stay accountable.

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