Why stability training?

We see a lot of athletes that develop overtraining injuries and that are plateauing in training. There can be a lot of reasons why this is occurring, but at its core, the reason this is happening is because most athletes do not know how to integrate sports recovery into their training.

Training does not grow muscle. Training causes fatigue that creates a stimulus for your body to grow and adapt. Growth and adaptation happens when you recovery. When you allow your body to grow and adapt, that is when you will see less injuries and more continuous growth in your performance.

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    Benefits of Stability Training

    Our Stability training will help you learn how to integrate sports recovery principles into your training. These sports recovery principles are:

    1. Full-body optimization
    2. Stability before strength
    3. Periodization
    4. Adaptation focused

    Through this process you will learn how to plan out your training through cycles over your year of training. By doing this you will see greater growth over the year, you will be injured less, and you will be confident in creating longevity in your sport. It is not just about performing well, it is also about being able to form 20 years from now.

    How Stability Training works

    Our goal is to help you be independent in creating and implementing your own strength program. The reason we do this is because we want you to be able to make healthy and educated decisions on what is best for your body and your performance even as you get older.

    Our instability training program will coach you on how to implement the sports recovery principles into your training and give you the specific goals on how to do it.

    Your journey will start with an hour-long testing and evaluation. We do this to find out where your body is with instabilities and imbalances. It is important to understand these so that we can correct them through a stability cycle. For your first 6 weeks you will be correcting all of these instabilities through an individualized program which we give you. Following the 6 weeks we retest and give you a strength cycle. 

    What makes our training different?

    The goal is to show you how to train to create longevity in your activity and not plateau. Our training will teach you how to apply sports recovery principles. By doing this you will reduce your risk of injury by 50-75%, improve performance, and avoid plateauing. We want to enable you with the tools and knowledge that will help you for the rest of your life.