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Hey there,

One of Athlecare’s values is to “give people hope”. I feel this value is extremely important right now in all of our lives. Between Ukraine, economic issues, Covid, and many other factors it can be hard to feel hopeful. As I have thought on this value this week I kept asking myself, “how do we give people hope”? I was thinking about this question not only related to Athlecare, but in also in life.

Why do I care about giving people hope? Fear is the opposite of hope. Living a life of fear is to live a life without hope. Without hope you lose meaning to live and forget the value of life. Without hope you don’t dream for the future. Without hope you protect yourself from the world and are unable to open up to others. Without hope there is no progress. Without there is no healing. Simply, without hope there is no future.

I have met many people over the years who have lost hope for their body due to injury, genetic diseases, insidious pain, and incontrollable maladies. How can you have hope when you have been given something in life that you have no control of? My own wife has an autoimmune disease that almost killed her five years ago and we still live every day wondering when it will try again. So where is the hope in living?

Hope is not about ignoring the bad things and becoming ignorant. The solution is not to hide from the world and pretend things are going well. I believe a solution is dispositional optimism. Another one of Athlecare’s values is the Pattern for Excellence. It is an eight step process to better yourself so that you can improve your emotional connection with others. The first step in their pattern for excellence is to be positive. One way to become positive is to learn dispositional optimism.

Dispositional optimism is the idea that you are aware of the bad things in life, but you expect everything to become better. Optimism itself is the idea that everything is always great and everything is fine. With dispositional optimism it gives you the freedom to face challenges head on and expect everything to progress.

At Athlecare we strive to practice dispositional optimism. Whenever you comes in we will feel your pain with you, but we will move forward with the hope and expectation for a better tomorrow. With dispositional optimism we will work hard to continually find answers and a direction towards a better tomorrow. This brings up my answer on how to give people hope.

We can give people hope by giving them direction. Like I said before, fear is the opposite of hope. Most people fear because they don’t know what will happen in the future. Why are you afraid of heights? Because you fear what may happen in the future. You think you may die if you are up too high. What if I can give you clear direction on how not to die even if you are up high. Now you have hope.

The other day I met with a lady who had been going to doctors and therapists for a pain that was debilitating her life. For over a year she had all sorts of opinions thrown at her on what was wrong. After surgeries and many appointments, nothing changed. When she met with me there was little hope, and honestly I was not 100% confident I could do anything. I’m nothing special. But in that moment when I met her I remembered my value. Give people hope. So I did what Athlecare does best, I listened. I listened for a while. After listening I realized that people may have been looking at her problem the wrong way. I didn’t have a solution, but I was able to give them a direction to start finding answers. They left hopeful.

Here at Athlecare we strive to give the means and directions to help you live your dreams happy and healthy. I hope you will find hope as you enter our doors. My team and I could not be more grateful for all of you and the opportunity to serve you. Every day we are so thrilled to be living our dreams to help others and try to add a little more hope and positivity into the world.

I’m excited to grow with you and hope to see you soon,



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