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Did you know the #1 inhibitor of progress for any type of gains is injury? Think about it… How many times have you or friend tried to lose weight? You begin to exercise, you feel great, but within three months things start to hurt. Because you start to hurt you start taking days off until you are hardly working out at all. Sound familiar?

Same thing happens to your performance. You start training hard only to find it hurts… The pain and injury restricts you from working out for weeks or months. Weeks and months you could have been training and growing, but instead you are waiting. Waiting for your back to quit seizing, or your heel to stop hurting.

What if there was a way to reduce all the pains injuries? I’m happy to tell you there is a way. It is called sports recovery. Sports recovery is the study and practice of preventing injury, improving performance, and reducing healing time through therapies, trainings, and modalities. By practicing consistent sports recovery you will feel better, improve performance, and reduce your risk of injury by 50%-75%. How? Let me tell you.

Performance, healing, and prevention can be enhanced through three means:

1. Therapies
2. Modalities
3. Training

Therapies and modalities improve performance and enhance healing in six ways:

Metabolism of the cell

Blood Flow


Remove adhesions/spasticity


Remove toxins through lymphatic

Through affecting these parts of the physiology we can encourage the body to heal faster, grow bigger, and perform better.

Examples of modalities: pneumatic compression therapy, vibration therapy, Muscle stimulation, Contrast therapy, Muscle Scraping, PEMF, etc.

Examples of therapies: adjustments, corrective exercises, positional release therapy, massage, stretching, fascia scrubbing, etc.

Through training we can impact recovery through trainings like proprioceptive and stability training. Many of our injuries and pains are because of compensations, imbalances, and overloads in the body. With our training we can correct these issues making the body move more efficiently and effectively. When your body is moving more appropriately your performance will increase and you will be hurt less often.

Examples of training: banded line jumps, one-legged ball throw, scapular side planks, etc.

Sports recovery is critical to your long-term health and performance and Athlecare is here to give you the means and education to make your fitness dreams come true.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!


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