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One of Athlecare’s values is that we want you to always feel a tangible result after you come here. Our bodies work through adaptation. What we do consistently to our bodies is how our bodies will change.

If you want to reduce pain or improve performance, then every time you come in we need to have positive results. With consistent positive results, your body will become less painful, heal more quickly and improve in performance.

We spend a lot of time and money on learning everything we can about recovery, and finding the most optimal and efficient tools so that you can feel the results every time. Although our tools, skills, and knowledge are crucial for your success here, we feel it is not the most important factor in getting results.

We believe true healing comes from listening, caring, and then acting on those two things. We practice and talk about these steps constantly. If we want to figure out to help you, we have to be able to understand your needs and be able to adapt all our recovery tools to give you the best outcomes.

Even if I was the best in the world at all recovery skills, I do not believe I would ever be as effective as someone who really cares about you, listens to you, and walks with you on your journey.

Another way we are creating this experience for you is by creating an environment that is warm, inviting, safe, professional, and relaxing. This is why we are spending way too much money on upgrading the Athlecare facility. The environment you are in greatly impacts your emotions and as a consequence your experience.

As always we really value your input, ideas, and suggestions. Always feel free to let us know how to improve your experience and results while you are here.

Thanks for being with us on our journey to create a happier and healthier community. We are so grateful to serve you and be apart or your journey.

With all the love,

The Athlecare Family

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