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Hey there,

I know we have been saying recovery is important, but did you know it is a need? When we train our bodies go through a cycle called the exercise-adaptation cycle. The Cycle look like this:

1. Training
2. Fatigue
3. Overreach
4. Recovery
5. Supercompensation
6. Repeat

You want to reach supercompensation. Supercompensation is how you reach peak performance. If you do not do recovery you will stagnate and not reach supercompensation. So how should you recover?

The easiest way is to come to Athlecare and come at least twice a week. Beyond that there are many things we can teach and do to optimize your recovery. But as a rule of thumb for every hour of training you should be doing 30 minutes of active recovery.

What is active recovery? Active recoveries are trainings and services that improve healing, reduce pain, release muscles, remove biological waste, stabilize joints, and protect the body. Basically everything at Athlecare.

If you are wondering why you are consistently getting hurt, or cannot get over a plateau in your training, then it is time to optimize your recovery and you will see a significant difference.

If you want to learn more this cycle and about recovery come visit us! We do free injury evaluations!

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