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What is Rapid Reboot?

What is Rapid Reboot? Rapid Reboot is a company that develops pneumatic compression devices for active people (pneumatic is a fancy word meaning it uses air or gases). Pneumatic compression devices are devices that cause the body circulate blood, toxins and nutrients through its lymphatic and circulatory systems. They circulate these things by squeezing the end of your limb up to the proximal portion section by section. After compressing the entire limb it releases after a few seconds and then repeats. By doing this cycle repeatedly over 20 or more minutes you will create physiological changes that help you speed up recovery and heal more quickly. 

When you use Rapid Reboot’s compression devices your blood circulates much more quickly. By doing this you bring more oxygen to your muscle cells. By increasing the amount of oxygen in your muscles you are able to produce more adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which will promote muscle repair. At the same time the compression cycle will pump out toxins and debris that accrued over your workout through your lymphatic system.  Through consistent use Rapid Reboot can be the game changer for your training and recovery.

There are two ways you can utilize Rapid Reboot products through Athlecare. 

You can use them anytime you want by signing up for a membership here.

Or you can order your own pair here.


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