Training Evaluation

Our Training Evaluations evaluate your range of motion, muscle activation, proprioceptions, and anthropometric measurements to find any imbalances and to learn about your body’s unique movement patterns. By understanding your imbalances and movement patterns we can teach you the correct form for your body, how to activate inactive muscles, and efficiently improve your performance.

We do this so that we can create a specific training program to help you reduce your risk of injury, get back from an injury quickly, or improve your performance.

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What does a Training Evaluation look like?

A training evaluation informs an athlete on where they might be lacking in their sport, what’s causing pain, and how to get the most out of their training. This is done by testing joint range of motion, muscle strength, imbalances, balance, and taking anthropometric data. When you come in our coach will measure all of these things to create a unique and individualistic plan for you.

This type of training we call Auki training. Auki is a Norse word meaning to exert oneself to their utmost potential. 

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