Training Cycle

Periodized workout plans custom made to address the athlete’s sport, goals, joint stability and muscular imbalance deficiencies all along the lines of biomechanical optimization maximization. No one person has the same anatomy, muscle attachments or muscular make up, and their training program should reflect that. This is a workout plan gets you a training program and a weekly 30-minute training session.

Injury Prevention Cycle

Specific movements made of dynamic, multiplanar, multi-contractual and stabilizing motions to address the athletes sport, goals, joint stability and muscular imbalance deficiencies. 30 minute session consisting of proper warm up dynamic motions, activations, and injury prevention leading to increased performance. This will be over month month and trainings will be every week.

You body has natural cycle when you are training.

Our Training takes advantage of your cycle to optimize performance and Increase growth.

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