Stability Training for Runners: Improve Balance and Reduce Injury Risk

As a runner, you know that your performance is more than just the miles you run. To truly perform at your peak, you need to incorporate stability and strength training into your regimen. As a runner, it’s important to not only focus on building endurance and strength, but also improving your balance and stability. Stability training can help you do just that, while also reducing your risk of injury.

At Athlecare, we specialize in personalized stability training programs designed specifically for runners. Our program includes a full body evaluation and analysis of your strength, range of motion, and stability. We then create a personalized 6-week stability program tailored to your individual needs.

We know that each runner is unique and has individual needs when it comes to their training regimen. That’s why our instability training program is specifically designed to help runners perform at their peak by providing personalized exercises and training based on each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Start your program by booking an instability testing session below.

We understand that each individual is unique, which is why we walk you through each exercise to ensure you feel comfortable and confident. If you need additional sessions, you can easily book them with us.

Our program also includes one-on-one coaching to educate you on how to prevent injury, improve your performance, and create longevity in your activity. Our goal is to help you perform at your peak and achieve your running goals.

Megan Drake is Athlecare’s specialist in running. She is a certified personal trainer, flexologist, Athlecare bodyworker and coach at Athlecare. She specializes in working with runners to improve their performance and reduce their risk of injury through strength and stability training. She helps both road and trail runners of any level.

Why our coaching is unique

Our coaching is unique because it is based on the four Sports Recovery Principles:

  1. Full-body optimization
  2. Stability before strength
  3. Periodization
  4. Adaptation focused

Sports recovery is all about how your body grows and adapts. We make this simple by incorporating these principles into your training regimen and give you the tools to know how to do it for the rest of your life.