Our sports training will teach you learn more about how your body, how to reduce your risk of injury, and how to improve your performance. 

We do this by improving your mind to body connection, train according to biomechanical efficiency, and targeted training according to specific sport and goals. When you put this all together we call this training biomechanical optimization and maximization (BOM). Using all the latest research on sports training and recovery, we will train you to be able to use your body to its fullest potential and achieve all your physical goals. 

What makes our training different?

Our training is based on the principles of sports recovery. This means you will not only see great improvments in improvement, but you will also feel amazing and rarely get injured. Our sports training will reduce your risk of injury by 50-75%. Through a combination of stabilization training, proprioceptive training, and plyometrics we have designed exercises that will improve your balance, increase your body control, and reduce your risk of injury. Our sports trainings will teach you proper warm-ups and exercises you can use for the rest of your life to keep you healthy. 

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