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Sports Recovery

Sports Recovery Principles

By May 3, 2023No Comments

What is Sports Recovery?

Sports recovery is the science on how our bodies adapt and grow. There are many ways to apply sports recovery. We apply sports recovery in bodywork, nutrition, and training through the four sports recovery principles.

Sports Recovery Principles

1. Full-body optimization

Our entire body is connected. When preventing injury it is important to understand how different parts of your body can impact other parts. When optimizing sports recovery pay attention to kinetic chains, balance of recovery to training, and the balance between bodywork, nutrition, and training.

2. Stability before strength

We often jump too quickly into training. When stability is not done first you can have improper mechanics that will inhibit growth and cause injury. Stability can also mean sustainability. Are the changes made truly going to drive you to positive adaptation for life?

3. Periodization

Much of sports recovery is based on General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) or what we like to call the exercises adaptation cycle. Periodization is the application of these cycles to your training, nutrition, and bodywork. Understanding how your body cycles helps you optimize your growth through each stage and prevent injury.

4.Adaptation focused

Sports recovery is all about adapting your body to become stronger and perform at a higher level. Understanding how your body adapts allows you to make the proper changes to get you to your goals as quickly as possible. Adaptation requires time, consistency, and the right stimulus.

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