Sports Acupuncture

Sports acupuncture is a specialized technique focused on relieving pain, increasing muscle stamina, and speeding up healing. Sports Acupuncture will enhance your sports recovery to help you perform better and be healthier.

How Sports Acupuncture can help you.

Sports acupuncture can be used for muscle relief, post-workout recovery, and any injury rehabilitation. Our acupuncturists have used sports acupuncture for all sorts of injuries like sprains, strains, and surgeries. Sports acupuncture is beneficial for anything an athlete may need.

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How does sports acupuncture work?

Throughout your body there are pathways that communicate with each other. Along these pathways there are certain points that can become bound that will cause pain, tightness, and other health problems. By releasing theses acupuncture points you can reduce pain, stimulate muscle, and promote healing.