Personal Light Therapy Kit, 1 Controller (patch not included)


CareWear’s Professional Red Light Therapy provides temporary relief from pain, muscle strain, ligament sprain, stiffness in muscles and joints, minor arthritis joint pain, and muscle spasm while increasing local circulation.

CareWear’s light patches and controller are FDA registered, CE approved and available Over-the-Counter without a prescription. Just Stick, Click and Go. Perfect for clinics, team use in the field, while traveling or at home or work.

Refer to Light Patches as Red Light Therapy Patch


The CareWear Personal Light Therapy Kit includes:

• 1 CareWear Controller (for use with all CareWear Light Patches)
• Additional Light Patches sold separately.
• Charger with Adapter Plug
• Quick Start Guide and User Manual
• Carrying case for convenient use on the go
• Also available by the case (10 kits)

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