Auki Evaluation + Plan + Cycle


In an Auki Evaluation we evaluate your unique anatomy to optimize performance. With this evaluation we will create a customized month plan to optimize your performance, improve you athletic health, and reduce your risk of injury. We will then train you on how to do all the exercises properly in order to optimize your body mechanics and correct form. 

This purchase provides the evaluation, the plan, and four private sessions with an Athlecare Trainer.


This is a package of an Auki Evaluation and Plan.

In an Auki Evaluation we evaluate your unique anatomy to optimize performance. We take anthropometric data to find your biomechanical optimization which we use to maximize your performance in sport and get the most out of your training. During this evaluation we also look at muscular imbalances, joint stability, core stability, balance, and proprioception to determine how to better optimize your recovery and sport performance.

An Auki Training Cycle is a personalized month-long training schedule made to optimize performance, reduce your risk of injury, and help you create healthy recovery habits.

 No one person has the same anatomy, muscle attachments or muscular make up, and their training program should reflect that. The Auki cycle gets you four weekly 30-minute training sessions with an Athlecare Coach.

Start by booking an Auki Evaluation here or you can call us at 801-878-9140 to schedule your evaluation. If you see your online booking with a charge don’t worry you won’t charged. After the evaluation we will email you your personalized Auki Plan

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