Nutrition Coaching

There are a lot of nutrition programs out there that are amazing. Here at Athlecare we did not want to add another program, we wanted to give you a coach who will give you the tools to enable you to lifelong health.

Our coaching is a journey to help you create a healthy lifestyle, recreate your relationship with food, and give you all the education you need to optimize your nutrition.

Call Jill at 801-243-2198 to start your journey. Appointments can be in-person or virtual.

Diet not working for you? This is usually because of your mindset towards eating, not because you are doing it wrong.

Our nutrition coaching is designed to enable you to become independent in your food choices and direct you to lifelong health. Often we start a new diet or lifestyle, but find we are unable to sustain the change. Our coaching gives you the tools to keep the change for life

Our coaching will not teach a specific diet or meal planning program. It will teach you how to become independent in your choices, recreate your relationship for food, and help guide you to find what diet is best for you.

Our Coaching can help:

  • Athletes wanting to optimize their body.
  • Weight loss.
  • Weight gain.
  • Improving energy levels.
  • Those wanting to learn more about nutrition.

Our nutrition journey takes you through 4 steps:

Step 1: Awareness


  • Know what you are consuming.
  • Learn how food/drink is making you feel.
  • Understand your relationship with food.

Step 2: Foundation


  • Know how to implement what they learned from step 1 into foundation.
  • Understand caloric balance.
  • Have all the tools and knowledge on what to consume before, during and after their workout/practice and their competition.
  • Understand how to know when a food is healthy or unhealthy for you.

Step 3: Identity


  • Create a healthy identity.
  • Edit the foundation to match your identity.
  • Create a routine.

Step 4: Accountability


  • Stay true to your identity.
  • Get help to stay on course.
  • Learn sequentially goal making.


Initial meeting is usually 30-minutes, each following meetings are 20-minutes. Meetings are typically biweekly. Each meeting is $29.

Call or text Jill Griffiths to start your journey today!


Complete Athlecare Package

In the Complete Athlecare Package you get nutrition coaching, Auki Training, and the Preventative Plan in one discounted bundle! Transform you body and optimize it through all that Athlecare has to offer. for $449 a month you get unlimited recovery, two Auki Training Sessions, an Auki Evaluation, an Auki cycle plan, and two nutrition coaching sessions (total normally would be $516).