Dr. Claire Alaton

Dr. Claire Alaton


Dr. Ting Lung


Dr. Ting Lung is a second generation acupuncturist from New York, where he practiced for almost 20 years. He brings his knowledge of acupuncture and tai chi to his new practice in Utah. He specializes in addressing all types of pain and injuries, as well as gastrointestinal and allergy relief.

Dr. Brett Grant


Meet Dr. Brett
Dr. Brett is a fourth generation chiropractor. He specialized in PRP and Ozone injections to pursue his passion for sports medicine. His love of sports began at a young age where he participated in soccer, track, football, basketball, and golf. He enjoys working with athletes because of their motivation and drive to be the healthiest versions of themselves.

Justin Decker

Certified Athletic Trainer

Meet Justin
Justin is our Certified Athletic Trainer. He graduated from BYU in 2019. Since then he has worked for Recharge Sports Performance, Carolina Crown and now Athlecare. He is trained in injury evaluation, massage, muscle energy adjustment, muscle scraping, and more! If you have an injury, he is the guy to see.
Justin loves anything involving movement. His top three favorite activities are running, rock climbing, and biking.

Susan Jackman


Meet Susan Jackman.
She is an integral part of Athlecare. She loves to work with people and it is a joy to be able to with her. Susan LOVES to stretch. If you are needing any help with mobility or stretching tips then Susan is the one to come ask.
Other than stretching Susan also loves to be with her family and being active. She is always serving others.

Cassidy Coffey

Athlecare Trainer

Cassidy loves being a part of the Athlecare family. She has always been interested in health and has been a dancer since she was a little girl. A graduate from BYU, she danced with the International Folk Dance Ensemble and now continues her passion by teaching dance. She loves baking, spending time with her husband, and hiking the beautiful Utah mountains.