Free Injury Evaluations

We believe just to be seen should be free! All injury evaluations are free at Athlecare. Come in and have one of our licensed professionals do a free evaluation of your injury. We will let you know what we think your injury is, how severe it is, and what we can do moving forward. This appointment does not include any treatments.

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Injury Recovery Membership

The Athlecare Performance Plan is the best membership for injury recovery. The Performance Plan is not only dedicated to helping you recover from your injury, but to also get you to peak performance. Through this plan and our commitment to your health and recovery, you will experience significant improvement, feel better, perform better, and stay better.

Injury Recovery Training

Through Auki Recovery Training you can speed up your injury recovery, improve your mind-body connection, increase your balance, and become biomechanically efficient. Auki Recovery Training is meant to supplement and enhance your current training.

Auki Recovery Training

Injury Recovery Questions