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How to help the body heal.

By June 9, 2022No Comments

How to help the body heal.

 There are six parts we can affect to influence recovery or healing:

1. Metabolism of the cell

Metabolism is how your body creates energy and heals itself. Metabolism happens in the mitochondria of each cell you have. By optimizing your cells metabolism you will increase healing and promote growth.

You can promote metabolism through several mechanisms. The tools we use to directly impact metabolism are infrared sauna, hot tub, photobiomodulation, and PEMF.

2. Blood Flow

By increasing blood flow you will increase metabolism. One of the driving elements for metabolism is oxygen. Oxygen is stored in red blood cells which is in your blood. By promoting blood flow you will get more oxygen to your injuries and muscles which will promote healing.

The tools we use for blood flow are contrast therapy, vibration therapy, compression therapy, photobiomodulation, infrared sauna, hot tub, massage, stretching, and muscle scraping.

3. Neurology

Your brain greatly impacts your healing. Getting your brain aware of injury and helping it heal will impact the speed by which your injury will heal. Your neurology can be impacted through sports therapy, or certain modalities. At Athlecare we have a few tools that impact your neurology: E-stim, infrared sauna, massage, and acupuncture.

4. Remove adhesions/spasticity

Adhesion in the muscle and fascia can create tension and poor movement. There are several was to break up these adhesions to free up movement. At Athlecare you can do muscle scraping, massage, and myofascial release.

5. Alignment

Correct alignment of joints can impact blood flow, injury prevention, and mobility. By correcting alignment you can improve healing and increase performance. Alignment can be corrected through chiropractor adjustments, assisted stretching, joint mobilizations, and muscle energy adjustments.

6. Remove toxins through lymphatic

Injuries and training can build up debris and toxins in your body. Your lymphatic system will remove these toxins from your body. You can get your lymphatic moving faster through vibration therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, compression therapy, and joint pumps.

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