Golfer’s Instability Testing

Golf is an intricate sport. It requires precision, stability, and a lot of practice. When your body is unstable and unbalanced you will begin to have compensations and overloads which will lead to decreased performance and injury.

Our instability testing gives us the information to map out your instabilities to guide us in creating a training program that will correct the imbalances which will result in less injuries and better performance.

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What does Instability Testing do?

Instability testing gives you the tools and information to help you get over plateaus, figure out chronic issues you have been dealing with, and help you create a program to not only get over injury but also prevent any injuries.

The goal of our training is to help you learn how to never become stagnant in your growth, prevent injuries, and help you reach your peak performance.

We achieve these goals by creating a program that is based on your goals, your unique anatomy, to your current training level, and what will create longevity in your activity. You will be able to perform at your highest level now and for the rest of your life.

Our testing is crucial in understanding more about your body and what is the next best step in your fitness journey. Call us today to book your testing or book a time below.