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FREE Athletic Massage and Stretch

We are giving all new patients a FREE Athletic Massage and Stretch! We know Athlecare is a brand new concept and you may not know if it really what fits your needs. This is why we created a FREE service just for you. When you come in we will introduce Athlecare and we will find out together how we can serve you. 

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What is an Athletic Massage and Stretch?

Athletic massage and stretch are services that will help reduce soreness, release tight muscles and improve mobility. The massage can be deep, but most of the time it is focused on promoting movement rather than breaking down muscle. The stretching is a combination of several techniques that will improve your range of motion. We can work on any part of the body that is needed.

What should I wear?

Make sure to wear something comfortable and that can be stretched. We will be moving around. For this 20-minutes session you will not need to remove any clothing. All you need to do is come and get ready to feel good.

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