Draper Sports Massage

A Sports Massage gives you more movement in your joints, relieves tight muscles, and reduces soreness. The goal is to help you feel better and have better mobility. You can expect deep tissue techniques, stretching and joint mobilizations while getting a Sports Massage.

To book a Draper Sports Massage please call (801) 878-9140

Benefits of Draper Sports Massage

Draper Sports massage is used to improve mobility and release tight muscles. It is a combination of techniques that are used to achieve whatever relief you are needing that day. Sports massage can be used for any part of the body and is safe for most injuries and ailments.

Here are the known benefits of Draper Sports Massage:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved recovery
  • Eliminates by-products from exercise
  • Provides relaxation and greater focus
  • Reduces pain

Best time for a Draper sports massage.

Draper Sports massage before a competition

Getting a sports massage before a competition will help you feel amazing, get rid of any lingering tightness or pain, and help you perform better. We recommend getting a sports massage 3 to 5 days before your competition.

Draper Sports Massage after an injury

When you get injured your body will often deactivate certain muscles and over activate others. This causes your body to compensate for your injury, create imbalances, and overload other parts of your body. Having these issues will prolong recovery and possibly cause further injury. Sports massage can help mitigate or even get rid of these issues allowing you to recover more quickly.

Draper Sports massage for recovery

If you are having general pain and tightness, sports massage is an excellent tool to help you heal faster and find relief quickly.

What to expect in a Draper Sports Massage

A Draper sports massage is not like a typical spa massage. A sports massage is meant to target specific issues. This means there is a lot of evaluating to find the core issues to give the best possible outcomes. For this reason you often don’t need to take off clothing for a sports massage.


$ 65

Per Hour.

90-minute massage $110

60-minute massage $65

30-minute massage $40


$ 95

Per Hour.

90-minute massage $130

60-minute massage $95

30-minute massage $50