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Yes! Here are what our members have to say about recovery.



Jackson Johnson – Oregon Football
Athlecare has given me a way to recover, and really truly feel better. Not only is it recovery but it has helped me
prevent injuries and improve my skills for football! They are good, funny and my saving grace whenever my body feels like
crap. I love that I have had a membership here since the first day it opened! It’s gotten me through 4 football seasons,
2 baseball seasons, and a track season as well!! I’d recommend this to any athlete of any kind!!
I am truly grateful and humbled to be apart of the Athlecare Family.
Sheri Ramirez
I tried Athlecare out of a desperate need from having chronic neck and back pain. I knew one massage or chiropractic session
a month anywhere else was not cutting it in the long term for my needs. I also do Crossfit and I have sore muscles in
various places every week. Athlecare has been extremely helpful this last month I have been going. I have been met by
friendly staff and made a priority in my sessions. My neck and back pain have gone down significantly while I have been
actively going and have been taught daily stretches to use in my everyday routine. I have also learned more about my body
and how to change mundane things in my workplace to accommodate my posture.
I love Athlecare, I am so glad that I found it and they accept my HSA plan!
Tyler J. Roberts
Athlecare has helped me heal multiple ankle injuries. They have helped me get back on the court as fast as possible
each time. Even when I’m not injured, it feels amazing to go to recharge after a practice or a game.
It keeps my body ready to work hard and not become burnt out or fatigued.

Kenzie Taylor
Hi My name is Kenzie Taylor, I play soccer for SLCC and I have loved all my experiences at Athlecare!
I can always count on helpful service, especially when working with the massage therapists, the in-house acupuncture and
deep muscle massage I always leave there feeling so muchbetter and he is so helpful. My muscles are always tight
and nothing manages to get them to loosen up except for what they do. They are so good at what they do. I also
have been  able to use the other Athlecare amenities that I can’t find anywhere else, especially the hot/cold tubs.
Overall Athlecare is such a great experience for all athletes!


Alexa Orten
I developed severe patellar tendonitis and shin splints during high school basketball season, which made it extremely
hard to play and even walk sometimes. My trainer recommended Athlecare and I was immediately impressed both
with the rapid results and their professionalism, competence and concern. The friendly staff made me feel right at home.
After several months of treatment, I was back to 100%—something others told me wasn’t possible.
I have continued at Athlecare for two years to prevent injury, rejuvenate, and recover. Thank you!! 







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