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Hey there,

The word health has been on my mind for a while now. What is health? In my opinion health cannot be independently defined. You and me are so different. To claim any diet, lifestyle, way of living, or fitness program is the healthiest or best way of living neglects the truth that we are all different.

Today I was reading about health and it was overwhelming to see how many things are trying to convince you it is the healthiest way of living. I read about Keto, plant based dieting, weight loss programs, and so forth. All of these claiming to be the best way to achieve health, and if you don’t you are somehow failing or inferior. To me this is not creating a culture of health.

My goal is to have Athlecare to be a culture of health. To me a culture of health is a space where you are allowed find your own way. In a culture of health you are on a journey and you are learning day by day how to achieve your greatest health. Health is not an end destination, it is a committment you have to make every day.

My dream is to make Athlecare is somewhere you can get unbiased information directed to your body and needs. Athlecare is the place to find a direction to your journey and continued support as you are going along your own path. I would hate if Athlecare ever got in the way of you being healthy.

To really be physically healthy you need three things: training, nutrition, and body maintenance. Many have you have experienced our recovery services. Through these services you can reduce tightness, reduce pain, and promote muscle growth. Recently we released Auki training to teach people how to correct imbalance, improve stability, and become performance driven. Soon we will be releasing our nutrition coaching to teach you how to use food as a tool and how to use food to improve your performance. I hope you all get a chance to experience all we have to offer.

If you are looking for ways to begin improving you health at home I have three suggestions:

1. Become more aware of how you feel when you eat or do something.
Our bodies communicate with us every day. Sometimes to find a solution you don’t need to read a billion books or finding the most amazing trainer, you just need to listen to your body. If eating a huge bowl of ice cream doesn’t make you feel good, then don’t eat a huge bowl of ice cream.

2. Build a foundation of knowledge before making decisions.
We often get caught up in fads and testimonials and that is how we make decisions. Having a foundation of knowledge of nutrition, training, and recovery will help you make the correct choices for your body.

3. Keep an open mind
There is truth in every health practice. Disregarding one opinion or fad because it doesn’t work for you is not helpful. Take the golden truths from everything you’ll create your own gold bar.

Hopefully this was helpful. If you ever want to chat about your own health journey, I hope you know Athlecare is always a place where someone will listen to you.



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