Why Correct Imbalances?

Imbalances in your body are one of the main reasons why you get injured, why you are plateauing, and why you are not performing at your greatest capacity. By finding imbalances and correcting them, your body will perform at its greatest capacity. Here at Athlecare we use Auki Training to correct these imbalances and help you to perform more efficiently. Our method is called biomechanical optimization and maximization or BOM. With BOM you will increase your performance, reduce your injury rate, and make your body more efficient.

Getting Started Is Easy

Sign up for an Auki Evaluation below to begin optimizing your body. During the hour-long evaluation we will take anthropometric measurements to determine what is imbalanced and what are the most efficient movements for your body. From this evaluation we will be able to tell you things like what is the best squat form for you, and create for you a personalized training plan engineered to optimize your body's performance.

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Combine training with recovery

Training is only as good as your recovery. A perfect balance of training and recovery is the optimal way to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. With our packages you can get both the training and recovery you need to improve your performance and feel amazing.

Steps to Correct imbalances

Step 1: Auki Evaluation

An Auki evaluation is how we will find your imbalances. By measuring you joint lengths, figuring out every range of motion, and testing all your muscles we can determine all your imbalances and the best path to correcting them. This evaluation is about an hour long and this our Athlcare Trainer.

Step 2: Cycle Plan

Following your evaluation we will create you a cycle plan. We call it a cycle plan because your body actually goes through cycles while training. We call this cycle the exercise/adaption cycle. Through the cycle your body will go through different physiological changes that impact your recovery and performance. By working with this cycle we can optimize performance through proper training and recovery. Most people’s training cycle is four weeks long which is how we will first design your cycle plan. Your cycle plan will tell you what recovery and training to do according to the results of your evaluation.

Step 3: Training

Correcting imbalances is more than just getting the training done. You have to be doing the exercises correctly to really achieve the gains you want. We recommend training with one of our Athlecare Trainers at least twice during a cycle to make sure you are using correct form, doing the exercises correctly, and to make any necessary adjustments.

Step 4: Performance

Every cycle we will retest your imbalances to check for progression. Within 1 or 2 cycles you should see your imbalances corrected. From here you will move toward the performance side of training under the BOM method. We will continue to measure your progress through performance markers and improve your performance through the BOM method which included plyometric training, proprioceptive training, stability training, neuromuscular training, and power/endurance training.