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Hey there,

I believe that building a community of service is how a community thrives. When we are able to support and serve one another then all needs will be met, and happiness will increase. This is why my goal is instill a habit of service at all Athlecare facilities. To serve the community Athlecare has done 12 free events, given away 62 free day passes, and provided additional services/discounts to frontline workers and the military.

The reason service is so important is because it creates kinder people, puts people before money, and generates a community of gratitude. With a community like this friendships will become permanent, people will be happier, and the community will be healthier. Athlecare is striving to create a culture of health and happiness and we feel service is the most efficient way to achieve this goal.

As I have been trying to provide more service I have learned a hard lesson. Because I have given so much of myself and my time I found myself become less healthy and fatigued. My fatigue made it harder and harder to want to help people and even got me sick for the first time in years. At this point even if I wanted to serve, I couldn’t. The lesson I learned is that in order to serve others you must take care of yourself first.

Taking care of yourself is not selfish. It enables you to be able to take care of others to your fullest. I hope that Athlecare we can serve you to help you be at your peak so that you go out and serve others.

We sure care about you all and can’t wait to see you all next week,



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