We are so excited to finally release Auki Training. Tommy Groskreutz (our strength and conditioning coach) has worked closely with Athlecare over the last year and a half to create a training that will help you learn more about how your body can be optimize, reduce your risk of injury, and improve your performance. We call this training “Auki Training.” (Auki is a Norse word meaning “to exert oneself to your utmost potential)

Auki training is designed to improve your mind-body connection, increase biomechanical efficiency, and improve your form. We call this type of training biomechanical optimization and maximization (BOM). Using all the latest research on training and recovery, we will train you to be able to use your body to its fullest potential and achieve all your physical goals. 

Auki Injury Prevention

Learn how to reduce your risk of injury by 50-75%. Through a combination of stabilization training, proprioceptive training, and plyometrics we have designed exercises that will improve your balance, increase your body control, and reduce your risk of injury. Trainings will teach you proper warm-ups and exercises you can use for the rest of your life to keep you healthy. 

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Want to learn more about Auki Training and see what it is all about? Sign up for a free fitness evaluation. We will evaluate you body and show you how Auki can help you meet your goals.  From there you can decide on whether you want to do an entire cycle training with us or just a couple of sessions. (You will find the evaluation under free services)

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