Auki Training Sessions

Auki is old Norse word meaning to increase and to exert the upmost of one’s strength. With this training we will not only continue to train you how to prevent injury, but we will also optimize all parts of your training and sport. We do this by training greater body control/awareness, optimizing movement, and perfecting form.

Auki Evaluation

Evaluating your unique anatomy to optimize performance. We take anthropometric data to find your biomechanical optimization which we use to maximize your performance in sport and get the most out of your training. During this evaluation we also look at muscular imbalances, joint stability, core stability, balance, and proprioception to determine how to better optimize your recovery and sport performance.

Auki Injury Prevention

Auki specific movements made of dynamic, multiplanar, multi-contractual and stabilizing motions to address the athletes sport, goals, joint stability and muscular imbalance deficiencies. 30 minute session consisting of proper warm up dynamic motions, activations, and injury prevention leading to increased performance.