Auki Recovery Training

Want to be able to use the full potential power of your body? Auki recovery training is designed to improve your mind-body connection, increase biomechanical efficiency, and improve your form. Using all the latest research we will train you to be able to use your body to its fullest potential and achieve all your physical goals. Trainings are typically twice a week for a month. Individual trainings are also available.

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Auki Injury Prevention

Learn how to reduce your risk of injury by 50-75%. Through a combination of stabilization training, proprioceptive training, and plyometrics we have designed exercises that will improve your balance, increase your body control, and reduce your risk of injury. Trainings will teach you proper warm-ups and exercises you can use for the rest of your life to keep you healthy. Sessions are scheduled to be twice a week, but it can be changed to individual circumstances.

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