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Athlete Care

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Athlete Care

Have you wondered where the name Athlecare came from? We put athlete and care together and made Athlecare. So what does Athlecare care do? We take care of athletes.

What is an athlete?

To us an athlete is anyone who is active and has a goal to improve. As long as you are training, you are an athlete. If you want to further this idea you can base it on Nike’s quote. If you have a body, you are an athlete. This means Athlecare is here for anyone that wants to be active or stay active.

What is athlete care?

Athlete care can also be called sports recovery. Sports recovery has different focuses. Sports recovery can be used to reduce risk of injury, improve performance and rehabilitate injury.

Athlete care/sports recovery has two different types of recovery. They call these types of recovery passive and active.

Passive recovery is the day to day habits and health practices. This includes nutrition, sleep, and warm-ups.

Active recovery is what you do specifically to prevent injury, improve healing, and reduce soreness/pain. This includes massages, compression therapy, adjustments, and much more. We do a lot of this at Athlecare.

Is stretching recovery?

The point of stretching is to improve flexibility. Although having better flexibility can help with reducing risk of injury and improving performance, the act of stretching is a training, not necessarily recovery. Stretching as a warm-up or a cooldown does not help with recovery and performance. We recommend other modalities and trainings if you are looking to optimize recovery.

What is the best recovery?

The best recovery is what helps you the most. Every person has a different body. This means some recoveries make be amazing for some, but not really helpful for others. At Athlecare we give you the opportunity to try many different types of sport recoveries to find out what helps you the most.

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