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Hey there!

This last week I had an amazing time in Destin, Florida. I’m grateful to you all for your patience as I stepped out for a week.

On my way back from Florida I witnessed a display of behaviors that I think depict the major issue with what is going on America.

I’m sure all of you are aware of all the political issues, healthcare failures, social injustices, and other problems occurring in America right now. When these issues impact you directly it can be life altering, frustrating, and cause great trauma.

When you are in a state of distress you become desperate for change and solutions, and rightfully so. But how do you go about finding the right solutions? Honestly, I don’t have the best answer for that, but I believe I know what the first step is.

My partner and I started Athlecare because we were tired with how difficult it was to take care of our bodies. Not only was it difficult to know what to do, but it would become expensive and really annoying to schedule everything. Our dream was to have all the solutions in one place with a ridiculously low price.

Mission accomplished.

Unfortunately there was a problem. We didn’t know how to do create this and make it worth it for all of you. The solution? I had no idea, but I knew I had so many incredible people around me that were intelligent, experienced, and have their own problem. So, I asked A LOT of questions and slowly built from the ground up.

Coming home from Florida there was a lady who portrayed what I see many people are doing instead of listening.

This lady showed up with her daughter to the gate where her plane was going to take off. My wife and I happened to be sitting near the gate watching a video waiting for our plane during our 2-hour layover.

When she showed up she was bewildered. Where were the employees? Her plane was leaving in 10 minutes and there was no one there to let her on. Of course, boarding happens before takeoff, but she could see the plane, and no one was there to let her on.

From here she spent the next hour yelling at any airport employee she could find about how she was 20 minutes early and she needed to get on the plane right then. Well by then the plane was gone, but she continued to stand in the middle of the airport yelling at everyone.

It wasn’t until a kind soul who listened to her who showed her how to find another flight and where she could go to find some help.

Often we find ourselves like the first lady. Our problems become so big and frustrating that we begin to fight and yell to get them solved. What I have found with this approach is it is only effective when nobody is listening to you in the first place. You can only be reasonable for so long.

If we could all be more like the second lady and choose to listen first, then we would be able to find more compromise and solutions that work for everyone. If you’d like to read more about my opinion on listening you can read it here.

I hope when you come to Athlecare you feel like you were listened to, cared about, and appreciated. We strive to have Athlecare to be a place of solutions, understanding, and hope.



PS The PG location started construction today!

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