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    Athlecare Bodywork Plans

    Coaching PlanGreatest Value

    $ 700

    Per Month

    Work with an Athlecare Coach to learn how to integrate sports recovery into your training and nutrition while also getting unlimited bodywork. This plan will help you achieve any performance goals and teach you how to prevent injury and be at your peak performance for life. ($810 value)

    • Everything in Maintenance Plan
    • Everything in performance Plan
    •   Monthly Stability Testing
    •   Monthly InBody
    • Two Coaching Sessions
    • Monthly Training Program
    • Monthly Meal Plan
    Start Plan

    Performance Plan

    $ 350

    Per Month

    The Performance Plan gives you a whole team dedicated to your health and performance. This plan is for athletes who are ready to perform at a higher level, athletes struggling with injury, or those with specific performance goals (mobility, flexibility, muscle growth, etc).

    • Everything in Maintenance Plan
    • Sports Massage
    •   Dry Needling
    •   Myofascial Release
    • Assisted Stretching
    • Injury Prevention Training
    • Photobiomodulation
    • Monthly Chiropractor
    Start Plan

    Maintenance Plan

    $ 199

    Per Month

    The plan is for all athletes looking to maintain high performance and prevent injury through active recovery. This plan will help you get rid of tight muscles, improve healing, and help you balance your training with your recovery.

    • Fascia Scrubbing
    • Muscle Energy Adjustments
    • Positional Release Therapy
    • Cupping
    • Compression
    • Hot/cold tubs
    • Muscle Stimulation
    • Muscle Scraping
    Start Plan

    Your body requires constant maintenance to prevent injury and improve performance. Athlecare does this for you through bodywork, nutrition, and training.

    Get Started With Us

    We do Sports Recovery

    Sports recovery is bodywork, nutrition, and training. When you are doing all the facets of sports recovery, then you can achieve peak performance and optimal health. Athlecare provides sports recovery as personalized plans that are affordable.

    Sports Recovery and Injury Prevention

    The number one inhibitor of an Athlete’s progress is injury. Reducing the occurrence of injury by 50-75% through recovery not only improves your performance, it also greatly reduces the amount of time and money spent on injuries.

    Saves You Time and Money

    Preventing an injury is less expensive than fixing an injury. Athlecare Programs are designed for serious athletes that want to take their fitness goals to a whole new level. YOU’RE NOT OLD!!! Your body is just sore, and it needs more time attention to recover.  And there is no better way than through the programs at Athlecare Sports Recovery.

    Unlimited Access

    There are no limits to your recovery potential. Our Athlecare Programs provide unlimited daily access to our sports recovery and bodywork services. Our other sports recovery programs with nutrition and training are customizable to your needs.

    Our Bodywork Plans…

    – Have no cancellation fees or hidden fees.

    – Can be cancelled at any time.

    – Can be upgraded or downgraded at anytime.

    – Truly are unlimited with no appointment necessary, you can walk-in anytime.

    – Perfect for speeding up recovery after a workout, recovering faster from an injury, and preventing injury.

    – We can help any age and with any sport.


    Active recovery needs to be proportionate to your training, and needs to happen everyday. Athlecare provides unlimited recovery and bodywork to promote healing, grow muscle, and prevent injury.


    Nutrition is unique to each person. Athlecare creates a customized plan that will meet your goals and get your to peak performance. We are unique because we are based on the principles of sports recovery.


    When your body is properly maintained and trained, you can perform in peak condition. Improve your quality of life by improving your performance. We focus on recovery principles in our training to prevent injury and optimize growth.

    Learn About Athlecare

    Sports-related, active-person injuries are often repeated and preventable. Athlecare was developed and founded on the idea that sports recovery can and should be the foundation of every athlete’s regiment. Sports Recovery will help you prevent injuries, pains, and physical setbacks while optimizing growth and adaptation.

    Our team of licensed  and certified professionals will teach you how to use the foundations of sports recovery with bodywork, nutrition and training to help you achieve and maintain peak performance.

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    What is Athlecare?

    Who is Athlecare?

    Athlecare does sports recovery. Sports recovery is the foundation of our bodywork, nutrition, and training. Sports recovery is how your body adapts and grows to be at peak performance. Athlecare’s model has two departments; the bodyworks department, and the nutrition/training department.

    Bodyworks is how you speed up healing, reduce pain, and promote muscle growth.

    Nutrition is how you feed your body to have the nutrients to grow, have energy, and to heal.

    Training is the stimulus for your body to adapt and grow. Correct training based on the principles of sports recovery will prevent injury and optimize movement.

    These three things together is sports recovery.

    How do I start with Athlecare?

    The best way to start is to determine your first step. At Athlecare you can do a free injury evaluation, a free fitness evaluation, a free nutrition consultation, and a free bodywork session. During these session we will learn more about your goals and then give you options to help you move towards peak performance. You can get started by clicking here and scheduling an appointment.

    What's included in each membership?

    Each membership includes varying levels of hands-on training, therapy, and exercise. To learn more, click here.

    Does Athlecare do private appointments?

    Athlecare does private appointments. We can do injections, massage, chiropractor and more. Check out our services tab to learn more.